WebUSB is a technology to access specially prepared USB devices from within the browser.

Precondition is the use of a WebUSB capable browser and that the USB device has he necessary capabilities. Thus only Googles Chrome currently qualifies on PCs as well as smartphones or tablets.


In order to act as an appropriate USB device the ftDuino has to be loaded with a matching sketch. After installtion of the ftDuino support in the arduino IDE all WebUSB demo sketches can be found in the menu under Examples/WebUSB. Additionally a modification on the USB configuration of the ftDuino needs to be enabled by setting the board in the Arduino IDE to ftDuino (WebUSB). This selection should only be used for WebUSB sketched. All other regular sketches should continue to use the ftDuino board type.

The matching demo can be opened in the chrome browser once the ftDuino is connected to the PC and the correct sketch is installed on the ftDuino.


  • Console, requires Sketch Examples/WebUSB/Console
  • Brickly Lite, requires Sketch Examples/WebUSB/IoServer
  • Scratch3, requires Sketch Examples/WebUSB/IoServer